This is soooo cool!!!!!!!

The coolest thing happened to me on friday.  I got interviewed by the Rock & Gem magazine!!!!  They’re going to write an article about me, my company, and the sites!  I’m so excited,  Rock & Gem is my favorite magazine and I just got a subscription for Christmas!  I would really like it if some one would send me a rock tip for my tip site  So far only one person has sent me a tip and it was through a contest that no one else entered!  I’m thinking of trying the contest again, we did just get some really cool zeolites in.  If you think I should, drop me a line.  I always enjoy hearing from people, though I might not get back to you too quickly.  I’m getting better at checking my e-mail but, I have lapses of not being good.


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Check out my new sites!

Hey everybody,  We just put together some new sites for you to check out.  My company finally has it’s own site  It’s just a basic outline at the moment, but we’re going to flesh it out later.  We also have another new site and I hope it’ll change people’s minds about fundraisers.  We’ve launched our newest site called full of info and as well as new products for helping everyone to have cooler fundraisers.  I hope you’ll check them out.

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Finally updating my website

So I finally did some work on Rockhoundkids. Added the comments about my trip to the Greater Detriot rock show, and finished the info on amethyst in the gallery. I hope to write in the info about the other minerals once a day. Lazyness has been my middle name for quite some time. It’s been so hot it was 90 deggrees today even though it’s october, so I’m having trouble getting out of the summer mindset. I’ll try and update some more and finally get another newsletter out. I’m also going to try and check my e-mail more often, but I’ve said that before 🙂 I’m not very good at that so I’m sorry to anyone I’ve never gotten back to. I’m really going to try and keep up on stuff, so keep checking back here and on the website and if you don’t see anything getting done feel free to e-mail me and tell me to get working, I won’t mind at all.

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Happy Birthday, Maggie!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to yooooooou!
Happy Birthday to Maaaaaaaggggggggggieeeeeeeeee!
Happy Birthday to you!

My little sister Maggie just became a teenager today!!! Yah!

Maggie has her 13th birthday cake and party!

And she got a ferret for her birthday from everyone… Mom got the little woozel, Dad bought the cage (mansion) and Grandpa and Grandma and Me bought all the woozel extras for her new little sweetie-pie fuzzy woozel friend! (We call ferrets, woozels in our house for some reason… a throw back to our Small Critter rescue days I suppose.)

Well, Please Meet…

Loki Poki Fuzzy Slinky Noodle-Woozel, the first.

This is our new Woozel Ferret Friend, Loki!

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New Website Design

I hope everyone likes the new website design. Mom and me have been working on it for awhile now and this weekend, we started to put it all together and upload it to the server.

One of the things that I like best is that it’s all clean and simple and updated. I didn’t realize just how out of date some of the sections were. It’s so easy to let that go and think everything is okay, but it’s not. We spent a lot of time checking all the links and just making sure everything works out nicely.

If you find something we missed, please email me!

I’ll be adding more to the gallery of rocks real soon. That’s my last big task. And I need to make up a new newsletter… it’s in the works! I need more writers for the newsletter, too! If you have a kid rock thing you’d like to share, please let me know! We love anything about rocks and minerals…

Hope you all like the new look of the website! I sure do! (Mom too!)


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New newsletter

I just finished the next newsletter.  I know that I missed alot of months….. sorry about that, first it was the holidays then my computer was acting up.  But, most of all it was me not just sitting down and spending a day on trying to finish it.  Though one of my favorite sayings is “My evil genius procrastination has whispered me to tarry ’til a more convenient season.” -Mary Lincoln

 So, I guess that explains a lot.

Go visit the newsletter HERE

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Miss Kitty Dixie

Dixie Chick my Cat
Okay, I know this is a Rock Hound site, but this is one cool Rock Kitty… Dixie Chickie is always getting in the way when we make rock kits because she thinks they look so pretty, that they need a very pretty kitty girl to sit by them and on them so that they look their very best. She’s weird that way.

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